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South West England counties

The enchanting remoteness and natural beauty of England's far South West are just a few of the reasons why people dream of buying or renting a property in the area, either as a residential home, a holiday house, an investment property, or as business premises.

Every property can be as unique as your individual requirements and needs as a buyer or tenant, which in turn makes every Property Search truly one of a kind and special!

As a relocation agent acting on behalf of buyers and tenants for their Property Search in South West England, and with in-depth knowledge of all aspects and characteristics of the main 6 counties within, and namely Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire, I proudly put my name, dedication and time to make your individual Property Search successful!

A typical Property Search may include:

 understanding in great detail your specific requirements, needs and priorities for your Property Search

 on- and off-market sourcing, viewing and comparing shortlisted properties within your targeted search areas

 researching, inspecting, getting independent reports and providing objective feedback on any selected properties

 submitting an offer and negotiating all aspects of the buying/renting process with estate agencies, property developers, auction houses or private vendors

 assisting with the actual purchase/lease, connecting you with third-party experts, and providing practical and unbiased advice on the relocation phase

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